Ballysaggart GAA Club Contacts as follows:


Carmel Hale: 087 9809049

Billy Devine: Chairperson  087 2763264

Matty Meagher: 087 7964831


Baile Na Sagart GAA

Baile na Sagart spans all the history of Waterford G.A.A from first to last and in all the intervening years, this little corner of the far West has remained true to the G.A.A. This same history show that Baile na Sagart was the first club in the Decies to win a Senior Football championship title.

On the occasion of the replay of the 1954 Waterford senior football final Seamus O'Ceallaigh wrote and article in the Irish Independent from which the following extract was taken "Although the GAA was founded in 1884 it was not until two years later county boards were formed in most areas and championships in hurling and football established.


In 1954 Ballysaggart fielded there first Junior Hurling team in championship hurling the venue was Lismore the opposition was St.Bennetts(Four Mile Water) Ballysaggart had a convincing win on a score  8-2 to 2-2. The first championship team as follows:

Jimmy Greehy, Bill Kenneffic, Timmy Mulcahy, Bill Devine, Danny Fennessy, Pad Fennessy, Bill Ryan, Fanahan Fennessy, John Kenneffic, Willie O'Brien, Tom Ryan, Mickey Walsh(Captain), Sean Griffin, Seamus Walsh, Bill Pendergast. Subs: John Bennett, John Brennan, Michael Pendergast, Pad Daly, Bill Murphy.


The Championship year came to a sudden end some weeks later when a very good Glen Rovers side beat them. Over the next few years players from Ballysaggart who had been assisting other clubs returned to play with their native parish. However the early fifties saw Ballysaggart rarely progressing to the later stages of the championship, this was still only a dream. On a few occasions amalgamation with other clubs was tried out but this experiment failed and it was decided to go it alone once more.


The 60s saw Ballysaggart starved of championship success once more, but the club was getting stronger and towards the later part of the decade were a force with which to be reckoned. In the 1967 Junior Hurling championship it took three brilliant games in Cappoquin to produce a winner between Tallow - Ballysaggart. Tallow eventually going through to the Western Final. In 1968 we saw Ballysaggart win the Primary Winter League by defeating Ring on a score 5-9 to 1-3 in Dungarvan. 

The 60s also saw the development of Ballysaggart own Hurling Pitch up to this the the club had to rely on the good will of the people in the locality to allow them to use there fields.  The job of making a pitch out of what was barren mountain took hours, days and weeks of hard back breaking work by a dedicated band of clubmen.