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Ballysaggart Community Alert was established in the early 1970's.

The Founding Members and Committee Officers were


Patrick and Cait Fennessy

Bill Kennefick

Jimmy Greehy

Tommy Veale

Sean Griffin

Garda John Frewen



The aim of the Committee was to promote vigilance and to care for the elderly and vulnerable in the community and regular visits were made to those who needed it.This is the ethos that still exists today.



Through fundraising and receiving of available grant money over the years, security phones and sensor lights have been provided and fitted in many homes in the area. These are maintained, and repaired/replaced if required, on a regular basis, and give residents a great sense of safety and security.



Along with these systems the people in the community are encouraged to be vigilant and watch out for each other and anything suspicious gets reported to An Garda Síochana.



Ballysaggart is a great place that has a huge sense of community and a great belief in looking out for each other.





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Anyone with any queries or concerns can contact

 An Garda Siochana Station



058 54222


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